You can choose to pay using the Paysera payment method, with Credit card by Stripe, or Apple Pay

More information about these options can be found below.

If you are located in Baltic region, you can pay via Paysera.

What is Paysera?

Paysera is one of Baltic’s largest payment system, providing payment solutions such as direct payments from your credit/debit card via your Paysera account. 

Payment will be taken as soon as order has been dispatched. For further information about Paysera or to create an account please visit Paysera.

Credit Card 

We will take payment from your credit/debit card via Stripe. Payment will be taken as soon as your order has been placed.

Apple Pay

In case you are iOS user, you can pay by any credit card which is attached to your Apple Pay account.

We kindly advise you to be mindful of your purchases and have a good shopping!